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Feature on K A Servian, Throwing Light and Free Books!

This week's Feature on Author: K A Servian and her latest novel, Throwing Light. There's free book for everyone!

After a twenty-plus-year career in the applied arts industry, including owning her own fashion and jewellery labels, Kathy decided to turn her creative skills to writing fiction.

Her first novel, Peak Hill, was a finalist in the Romance Writers of New Zealand Pacific Hearts Full Manuscript contest in 2016.

Kathy now squeezes full-time study for an advanced diploma in applied writing in around writing novels and short stories, teaching sewing and pattern making and being a wife and mother.

K A Servian on the web:

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Do you like summer or winter?
I dislike being cold, so must confess to preferring summer. For some reason I always feel more relaxed in summer. 
 Air-conditioned room or crackling fireplace?

Tricky, both are rather nice, but based on the answer above, I'd settle on the air conditioned room.

What was your favorite scene to write?

I like scenes with lots of tension where the villain is being horrible to the heroine (not sure what that says about me 😕) so the scenes involving Carl were my favourite to write.

Tell us about your book.

Throwing Light is a story about identity. We all have a sense of who we are which is partially based on our ancestry. But if you discovered that everything you thought to be true about your parentage was a lie, it would shake you to the core.

This is the situation the main character, Grace, finds herself in. She discovers by accident that she's adopted and as both of her adopted parents are dead,  she has no one to turn to for answers. She goes in search of her birth parents, but discovers a missing-person mystery and feels compelled to solve it.
Grace is also dealing with the unexpected arrival of Tom, her ex-boyfriend. He broke her heart two years earlier, but seems determined to convince her to take him back. 
Running parallel to Grace's story, we watch the events of twenty-five years earlier unfold. Grace's birth mother, Jane has had a difficult life, but is determined not to let it define who she is. She moves far from her home to start again, but her past catches up with her and threatens her future.
The past and present collide at the end with terrifying results.  

Shame on Who? (Short Prequel to Throwing Light)

In 1979, fifteen-year-old Jane Smith announced to her parents that she was expecting a baby. Thirty-five years later, the repercussions of the decision made by her father on that day come home to roost in the romantic thriller 'Throwing Light.' 'Shame on who?' is a short prequel to the book and provides insight into the dramatic events that changed Jane's life.

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